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fortmis wrote

I don't understand how twitter still functions even just as a website let alone everything else it involves. it's like watching a massive game of Jenga... The collapse seemed inevitable 12 turns ago.


emma OP wrote

I believe this has little to do with Musk's team, and everything to do with the people who built Twitter doing a good job ensuring it could keep running in their absence.

The site has performed poorly for me lately, so maybe a collapse is right around the corner.


fortmis wrote

True! in a melancholic way...

If/when twitter collapses where would you direct its shipwrecked passengers?


veuzi wrote

Put them all in one convenient Mastodon instance so that I can fediblock it


fail wrote

tech people truly have an hugely inflated sense of importance regarding their positions and work


bergra wrote

I'm not going to celebrate anyone losing their livelihood but I have to say it's very unusual that she's defending the company that fired her.


emma OP wrote

She was a startup founder whose company was acquired by Twitter, then Musk gave her a management position. Her taking side with an awful boss makes sense when she herself was one, and probably will be again.