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zeke wrote

I mean are they wrong? They have the best healthcare in the world and it's free.


tuesday OP wrote

Idk how much free health care matters when you can't afford the medications you need because they're only available for purchase or through the black market. Idk how much free health care matters when you live in the mountains without running water or electricity. Like free healthcare doesn't mitigate that people there still live in extreme poverty.

Cuba may call itself socialist but in reality there is absolutely a capitalist market and class strata there. And even if we're just talking about the people who live there, they certainly don't feel like they have it better than literally every other country in the world, since they rank their own satisfaction well under other countries in central and south america.

The idea that Cubans are all happy and content with their socialism comes straight from Tankies. There's plenty of proof to the opposite.


Fool wrote

Their healthcare is so good that they export it to other countries, that can pay more than the locals for it.