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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

When I hear most anti porn people they just make themself look bad. Like why r you only consuming the most oppressive products made my sex workers to demonize people who actually make stuff that isn't bigoted and horrible.

I always think wow this person is just making themself look bad. But then a bunch of people agree with them. Ugh


metocin wrote

Like why r you only consuming the most oppressive products

I mean... a LOT of porn IS horrible, and you don't need to be consuming horrible porn to know that. It's not really outing anybody. Unless you specifically consume porn made by feminists than you're consuming "oppressive products" too. Either way I think there's a valid argument against porn consumption. Just because it makes us feel good for moment doesn't mean it's healthy for us.

I feel like a lot of people get really defensive about arguments against porn which says a lot about the effect it has.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

I'm not talking about anti porn people as a whole tho. I'm talking about the anti porn people explicitly bc of their bad relationship with it. I'm literally just dunking on one ridiculous phenomenon somewhat common in anti porn arguments. It's the classic cis move of blaming queer people and sex workers rather than actually analyzing thier problematic choices.

I find it totally fine if people choose to not consume pornography. I don't have a problem with it or people who talk about the benefits of it. Personally I don't like the mentality and don't think it's a good idea but ehh it's your life. Idc.

I get defensive about about anti porn people when they start being SWERF bullshit. Same reason I say shit about racism or transphobia. It's literally just the media, people in positions of power and largely society as a whole shitting on a bunch of people who get treated like absolute shit by society and are oppressed.

Don't even get me started on the anti porn pipeline to shutting down mediums of subversive queer hobbyist expression for the children.

I will say this, I do think mainstream porn does cause harm to it's users, and some people have really problematic relationships to porn. And some anti porn people fill that gap. And I think that is important work.

But as a whole I shit on anti porn as a whole as most of the time it's more about being a SWERF than actually solving some of the problems associated with porn.


metocin wrote

Yeah I agree, I would say most anti-porn people are shitty in some way, whether its SWERF bs or incel/no fap misogyny bs. I think because of that there is a need for more porn-critical discussion that isn't rooted in some sort of bigotry or toxic ideology.

I am not against all porn as I believe that its possible for it to be made ethically and consumed in a healthy way. I am not a "no fap" person but I do feel better about myself the less I masturbate, but that is partly because I have a partner I can have sex with instead.


RhythmGamer wrote

Drawn porn by people who do it (at least in part) for fun is clearly the superior choice.