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Epicalyx OP wrote (edited )

Re Hartman, an older post of mine: Saidiya Hartman is probably the best living anarchistic theorist.

I'm not so sure that's true now but she's still among the best at least. One of the multiple things expressed in this article text is her walking us through her experience of issues with Marxism. And to situate herself a bit in relation to Afropessimism.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Reply to comment by fortmis in Chevalier de Saint-Georges by fortmis

For a time, the Chevalier acted as Marie Antoinette’s personal music tutor—until he got fired for getting “too close” to his royal charge. Bow chicka wow wow.


What a legend. I want to go back in time and up vote this man in person.


veuzi wrote

The main issue I see with discussions about veganism on the internet, and especially on Reddit, is the moralism. Carnist takes don't tend to be any better than pro-vegan ones on that matter, but yeah I don't jive with that "eating meat = always bad in any case" stuff either. Fortunately, Raddle isn't really a place where any sort of "objective morality" steers all discussion on this topic.

Veganism doesn't have to be overwhelmingly white and moralist either. Here's a black anarchist and nihilist take on veganism that I like:


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I think liberals love to talk about how it's stigmatizing to correlate pysoclofically different people with criminals but frankly it's just not very accurate. When talking about people who experience psychosis or are labeled as having cluster B personality disorders criminality is super commonplace.

Like when I frequent bipolar communities it's fucking hilarious bc like most of the people have like super fucked up lives, and or commit crimes frequently, abuse drugs or fuck a lot. Also I can't remember how many times people have described having a manic episode and becoming gay bc it's just more convenient.

It's not really a stereotype to portray the antisocial people with pysoclogical differences as criminals bc psychological normalcy is enforced through the law and most stigmatized mentally different people sympoms are crimes. And if things like pycosis really are genetic (which I don't think it is) then the only crime many incarcerated people commutied was the crime of being born with the wrong DNA.

Okay I have some thoughts to sort out that I'm not ready to quite write out and I jumped the gun a bit here. So part of me feels like I should just delete this since I didn't exain it great and I don't have a conclusion. But maybe I should leave it up in case some people find amusement in seeing my thought process.


AnarchoDoom wrote

Any use of it online is borderline stupid. I see no issue of course with Black people using it IRL (it's like Black people's version of "dude" or something), but online, it's hard to know who's for real and who's not, so you might be just having same-old White racists having it their way while pretending being Black people.


monday wrote

Respectability politics

I think this is one reason some people misunderstood Obama presidency. He was the first Black President in the most powerful country in the world and people expected him to act like a Black Revolutionary. He needed to bomb foreign kids to pump the dying economy like the other white boys before him..

But I still have a good (or tactical) opinion on Black Money and all


existential1 OP wrote

His mental health issues were long document before his relationship with the K's. I liked his first two albums so i followed his story back then. When his mom died he legit lost himself and has not been capable of handling whatever latent mental health issues he may have been able to previously deal with due to that bond.

Sure, there could be some spin doctoring about particular instances recently, but his issues are long long long before any spin came in. It's a real thing.

Like I said before, he's ridiculous now due to things that have nothing to do with his mental health...but I don't think poo-pooing mental health or "White" Black men critique is valid or necessary when ther's so much above the belt criticism to make.


ruin wrote

This article made me think about my brushes with the old guard black intelligentsia in the south. I was working in agriculture and spent a bit of time at conferences at Tuskegee and other similar institutions. The contrast between the farmers (mostly former sharecroppers) and the top organizers (black academics working with USDA) was stark. Three piece suits, well kept beards and spectacles vs dirty coveralls and muddy boots. The common ground seemed to be Baptist Christianity and a strong sense of knowing and maintaining ones role in the whole charade. Bizarre.