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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I think liberals love to talk about how it's stigmatizing to correlate pysoclofically different people with criminals but frankly it's just not very accurate. When talking about people who experience psychosis or are labeled as having cluster B personality disorders criminality is super commonplace.

Like when I frequent bipolar communities it's fucking hilarious bc like most of the people have like super fucked up lives, and or commit crimes frequently, abuse drugs or fuck a lot. Also I can't remember how many times people have described having a manic episode and becoming gay bc it's just more convenient.

It's not really a stereotype to portray the antisocial people with pysoclogical differences as criminals bc psychological normalcy is enforced through the law and most stigmatized mentally different people sympoms are crimes. And if things like pycosis really are genetic (which I don't think it is) then the only crime many incarcerated people commutied was the crime of being born with the wrong DNA.

Okay I have some thoughts to sort out that I'm not ready to quite write out and I jumped the gun a bit here. So part of me feels like I should just delete this since I didn't exain it great and I don't have a conclusion. But maybe I should leave it up in case some people find amusement in seeing my thought process.