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You should get your lenses checked, then. He's a Black (very much so) multi millionaire with mental health struggles and particularly offputting politics that contradicted his earlier politics once he got some real money.


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His mental health issues were long document before his relationship with the K's. I liked his first two albums so i followed his story back then. When his mom died he legit lost himself and has not been capable of handling whatever latent mental health issues he may have been able to previously deal with due to that bond.

Sure, there could be some spin doctoring about particular instances recently, but his issues are long long long before any spin came in. It's a real thing.

Like I said before, he's ridiculous now due to things that have nothing to do with his mental health...but I don't think poo-pooing mental health or "White" Black men critique is valid or necessary when ther's so much above the belt criticism to make.