Submitted by d4rk in Belintern (edited )

When properly understood, there is a difference between functional and political democracy. Recent comments by u/ziq would point to an opposition to the latter but site regulations in Raddle seems to have full acceptance of the former.

So what is functional democracy? It was discussed by authors like Emma Goldman and rudolf rocker of the conception or the idea of workers' self-management. No part of workers' self-government assumes political democracy but rather the common ownership of production under the workers. Proudhon, whom ziq attests to the anti-democratic strand as well believes in a functional democracy.

Functional democracy is when the workers have control over production, not the population. In their writings ziq makes the point that Political democracy can re-instate the machinery that oppresses through the commons that being all peoples ruling everyone else, and such has been proven true in recent decades.

But functional democracy persists as a correct interpretation of democratic ideals, no longer through a land-owning class but a common ownership of the means of production, granted that ziq is against production and technology for its effects on the environment.

Recent years have re-affirmed the idea of Functional over Political democracy within the Anarchist milleu as people since the beginning reject elections and the whole state machinery based upon a roko's basilisk.

In my own opinion, there is the idea of Republicanism, the liberation of the Cathedral and the Pseudosphere which comes to this idea of Functional democracy. Soon enough this would be a consensus within the Anarchist world. Who knows what effects it may give and what benefits it will give us.



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