**UPDATED** HELP! Rich, entitled drunk shithead drove off after hitting my dog in front of mother and 5 year old girl!! How to fuck with a entitled drunk...???

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UPDATE Thank you for all the suggestions and support. Unfortunately, the guy is connected and is really untouchable using tradition and legal actions. I've been digging around and have also heard rumors that he abuses his wife and kids. He is the CEO and owner of his company and apparently a real dickhead to work for as well. Someone asked for his information: Bob J. McCarthy Trakus, LLC 107 Audubon Road Wakefield, MA 01880 trakus.com bobmccarthy@trakus.com or bob.mccarthy@trakus.com

This asshole hit a dog while driving drunk and then drove off after seeing it was an elderly woman and her granddaughter. The dog could have survived had the dickhead done the right thing but instead (probably because he was falling down drunk) told them he was getting his phone to call for help but drove off. My 5 year old had to sit there and watch our dog die cause they didn't have a phone with them. My mother managed to get his plate number but turns out he is has connections as the police won't do anything (he lied and said he wasn't in the area that night). This isn't about money but on how to fuck with him. He is a CEO, comes from a connected family, loaded and known for being a royal dickhead who doesn't believe the rules apply to him. Any ideas of how to fuck with him without going to jail??


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LostYonder wrote

find a supply of dead animals to put in his yard everyday (or garbage)

spray paint his car - "entitled animal killer"

slowly buy up all the stock in his company and have him fired

pay a prostitute to report a story of exploitation and rape to the local paper

pay the prostitute to seduce him and take pics then blackmail him

flatten his tires every few days, put sugar in his gas tank, a rock in his windshield wiper

make anonymous public statements about his scandalous behavior, including that he was friends with Epstein

have fun with it!


celebratedrecluse wrote

So there's a couple things that occur to me, here's my two cents

honestly i'm not an advocate for this approach but in this case you may be able to appeal to a higher authority within the police hierarchy. For example, the state or national police. hit and run is a serious offense in most jurisdictions, including for if animals or vehicles are the only things involved. Don't waste time with the local PD, escalate the issue beyond them or don't engage with cops at all (probably the best move at this point imo).

If you choose to do this, or if you want justice of any kind, first move is to contact local journalists. Even before that, get together with anyone you know IRL who likes to write, and come up with a story: get pictures, all your evidence together, and write up a short narrative of the event, the refusal of local authorities to do their job, and your plan to take action going forward. This will allow you to make sure the retellings that may get published will stick as close as possible to your side of the story.

You're going to want to reach out with this little portfolio to lefty organizations, papers, and sympathetic liberal/university versions of the former. I would also contact MADD. If you are willing and able to devote energy into this, there are a lot of non-radicals who might be interested in helping you blow up attention onto this-- this will definitely cause problems, regardless of legal outcomes, for the asshole.

I would further recommend talking to a lawyer. National Lawyer Guild is a great resource, someone may be able to help you obtain counsel for cheap or free. Even if the police on all levels of government refuse to press charges, you can still sue in civil court for emotional damages & that sort of thing. Could even bring you some money in the medium to long run.

Of course, this all entails a lot of effort for questionable returns. But if you really want to fuck this persons life up, no holds barred, you gotta break your silence and frame the narrative in a way that paints this asshole as a symbol of elite decadence. That way, people pick it up and run with it. You also have to consider that by doing this sort of thing, you're opening up your family to reprisal, both inside and outside the legal system. That's a serious concern, and not one to brush aside casually of course. No one here would fault you for choosing to not pick a fight with a powerful set of interests when your family's well being is on the line.

You can also do petty crime to harass them as others have said, but that seems easier for them to ignore and easier for you to get caught doing. I feel that shaming the person and shaking them down for money may be the best way to cause maximum pain to the asshole, but again the risks are definitely there too.


bioisme wrote

drop his info so we can all make his day worse


Tequila_Wolf wrote

You seem to know who he is. If you would like to hold him responsible there are ways to make his action public, and ways to study his life in order to hold him accountable.


ColossalThief wrote

Be careful with what you do. Bob used to work for Raytheon. Guys like this usually know a few fed and military people.


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OldHippieChick wrote

Please don't do this, olyella:


BTDT bought the goddamnedmotherfuckingcocksucking T shirt. You don't need an eviction on top of everything else. I am so sorry about your dog. Here is something you could paraphrase for your kid:


You can always substitute "let's pretend"s, "wouldn't it be nice if"s, and "for all we know"s for any religious content you find inappropriate or offensive. There might be something more suitable over in /f/parenting for all I know.

Nothing is going to help, I'm just so sorry that this happened to your family.