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I know this probably isn't the best question for a place like this, but I'm just curious as to what motivates you (or even forces) you to be an illegalist. Me personally, living in poverty in a town full of rich assholes that discriminate against people with even a felony arrest record (emphasis on arrest, not conviction) has left me with no way to get a fulfilling job. I've searched far and wide, but the only places I've been able to find a job at are places that pay federal minimum wage for back breaking work that have no hope of moving up anywhere in the chain. And at that point, even with knowing someone who gets social security, its not enough to survive even with a job. All kinds of stupidly expensive bills eat away at all the money I earn, and the only way I've been able to feed us is to be an illegalist. Sometimes I just feel like there's no hope in this world, and society forces people to resort to that kind of philosophy.

I guess I don't know what the point of this thread is, but I'm just curious as to what yall's life experiences are and how they affect your belief in this kinda thing. (without revealing too much personal info obv).



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yogobro298 wrote (edited )

This might sound clich'e a few people might disagree with this but I never really believed in doing things the "right" way. By that I mean society basically sets you up to go to work and follow orders.Go to College at least that's what my parents constantly drilled into me. I worked several 9-5 jobs not making fuck all now I'm not poor or live in poverty. But eventually this all started to build in my head to think about how fucked this whole thing is why should I have to work a miserable 9-5 to make money when I can just do some white collar crime or steal here and there? So yeah I started e-whoring doing a few things here and there. But yeah that's how I basically see it. As long as you don't get caught doing it. I also was scammed once before myself in person so yeah.

It's fucked up but I actually applaud anyone who makes money by other means then just going to a regular job.