Which BSD do you run and why?

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I ended up recently switching to FreeBSD from NetBSD, and had run NetBSD as my main OS on my laptop and VPSes for about a year and a half or so. I really value portability in my OS and have a crowdfunded Arm laptop coming to me (hopefully later this year) which contributed to me looking at NetBSD in the first place. Ive moved recently to FreeBSD primarily because of Port's breadth compared to Pkgsrc's. Though I miss a few things from NetBSD, ZFS is proving really neat to work with.

What BSDs are folks on Raddle running and why?


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vermaden wrote

FreeBSD because:

  • ZFS
  • GELI
  • VirtualBox (or Bhyve)
  • 30000+ up to date software in pkg(8) packages and Ports
  • Hardware support for my hardware (T420s/X220/RPI2/H61/...)

What I would miss most on other BSD?

  • ZFS
  • VirtualBox (or Bhyve)

If you want more security and ZFS/VirtualBox (or Bhyve) then try HardenedBSD.