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dele_ted wrote

The worst thing about this is that this guy is a kid, he looks to be 14 or 15. The apathy that's required to do this doesn't come naturally, it's nothing but indoctrination from state, insitutions and probably his parents.

Nevertheless, he could use a good beating.


Whatsthepoint wrote

It's a picture of a person of an age famed for being dumb, impressionable, and easily led, holding up an offensive phrase on a whiteboard.

That's all that can be said, without speculating.

Teenagers have brains that are not yet fully developed, they do not have the capacity to actually evaluate social situations in a non egocentric manner.

It's why, as a racial minority going to a high school, you feel capable of pigeon holing me into a narrow and assumptive paradigm


anarkiddomedia wrote

They're speculations. Look, it might pop your little white liberal bubble, but people can be racist! Racism isn't excusable! As a racial minority going to a highschool and having received racist harassment from students, high school students should be held accountable to racism!

I can tell you're going to be infuriatingly liberal, you think deadly weapons should be banned unless used by the state.


anarkiddomedia wrote

I've played CAH and even the edgiest of us don't do this shit. Literally nothing justifies something as shitty as this. It's literally spelled out as a death threat and it's been consistently used by people who like to go through with those threats. You're reaching and coming up with wild speculations to explain something instead of remembering Occam's razor; The simplest explanation tends to be the right one.

The kid is a racist. He thinks he's cute and funny for this shit and doesn't care about black people.


Whatsthepoint wrote

How do you know he did it of his own volition?

Why doesn't it matter if part of a game? If that's you're opinion then cards against humanity must be a truly evil game...should we doxx everyone who played that too?

Do you really believe that he was making a credible or even genuine "death threat"?

How have you ruled out satire?

Why have you failed to answer most of the questions?

Do you believe that people deserve a right to a fair hearing, or is that a Human Right that you only support when it suits you?


anarkiddomedia wrote

It doesn't matter if it was a game or dare, he voluntarily did it. It's far more likely for him to do it voluntarily than be forced to. If he thinks he is old enough to say disgusting shit like that and make death threats against minorities, he's old enough to know what it's like to be us minorities. FOH with that white victim bullshit


Whatsthepoint wrote

Have not heard of proud boys but found there site...

  1. For small gov

  2. For free market

  3. Against classing stay at home mums as failures

  4. View western civilization as one being based on "liberty, freedom, meritocracy and reason"

By all accounts, what you have here is a group promoting fairly bland and box standard 'conservative' values.

Bit fucked up to post his picture with blurb talking about homophobia, anti-semetism and fascism...

You disagree with his political views, that's fine...but when you class people and treat them differently because they hold 'bad' political views, you are being a fascist


Whatsthepoint wrote

And here is a prime example of why doxxing is bad.

  1. What was the exact circumstances of that photo?

  2. What was the context?

  3. How far outside the 'cultural norms' of his classroom is that picture

  4. Can you say it wasn't part of a game or dare?

  5. Can you say he wasn't forced into it

  6. If "Guilty", what would be an appropriate response and how can you be assured that only such a response and no more would be delivered?