Our people are looking for this Neo-Nazi Marine in hiding in connection with a brutal assault, name, details inside coinsh.red

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"As you know, I am working around the clock to identify the final two men who brutally assaulted DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville this past August. The others have been brought to justice.

Over the past two weeks, people told me about a masked man from Texas that fit our profile who went by the online name of Eric Sellers.

We have now positively identified this man as Erik Mitchell Sailors of San Marcos, Texas. He is not the man we are looking for in DeAndre's case, but he is a brutal Neo-Nazi who has been harassing, terrorizing, and assaulting people all over Texas - all while concealing his identity. He is also a Marine.

I want to make an announcement here to white supremacists across the country - we will not stop searching for the men who assaulted DeAndre and we will publicly out every single man we find along the way.

It is in your best interest to turn these men in. We have a $50,000 reward and we will protect your identity.

Somebody is protecting these two men. You are committing a crime as well. We will not stop."

Shaun King
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