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Whatsthepoint wrote

I'm not speculating....I'm just asking, I have no answers, no speculations.


anarkiddomedia wrote

They're speculations. Look, it might pop your little white liberal bubble, but people can be racist! Racism isn't excusable! As a racial minority going to a highschool and having received racist harassment from students, high school students should be held accountable to racism!

I can tell you're going to be infuriatingly liberal, you think deadly weapons should be banned unless used by the state.


Whatsthepoint wrote

It's a picture of a person of an age famed for being dumb, impressionable, and easily led, holding up an offensive phrase on a whiteboard.

That's all that can be said, without speculating.

Teenagers have brains that are not yet fully developed, they do not have the capacity to actually evaluate social situations in a non egocentric manner.

It's why, as a racial minority going to a high school, you feel capable of pigeon holing me into a narrow and assumptive paradigm