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roanoke9 wrote (edited )

I' m almost always myself, sometimes different ages and abilities but aside from a few work related dreams (which is always my cue to change jobs) they are very fantastical and very hard to put in words.

And numerous, like even if I remembered every detail, I would not be able to tell it all before it was time to go to sleep the next evening. It's funny though, every single time I go to fly in a dream, even after 1000s of times, it us always as if I just then remembered I could do it. Like- oh, yeah, this can happen, of course. Oh, no computers ever, but books quite often. I've woke up with my eyes aching from reading a long book in a dream.

But I can never really tell anyone even one whole dream because of this. The closest I can get is relating a few fun details or snippets of scenes. My wife by contrast, dreams mostly in fully coherent tightly written and polished movie plots.


asterism OP wrote

Because I feel like no matter what I do I can never get them as sharp as I want.

Though this one time in elementary I got a pencil hyper sharp. and it rolled across the floor and the tip of the pencil bumped another kids finger tip and drew blood. and I am still kind of proud of that.