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I shaved my beard and decided I was going to grow my hair out longer than I ever have before. Because I felt like it.

Wife starts getting weird about it. Like starts nagging me about why I won't get a haircut. and then I mention I am thinking of finding a way to hold my hair back. Maybe like a scarf or a bandana because it keeps getting in my face. and then she starts continually reminding me of how I once said that if my hair ever got long enough to annoy me I would cut it.

Well then I decide to borrow a scarf of hers to try and hold my hair back. it doesn't look great I sort of looked like a pirate. and she gets really upset with me for borrowing her clothes without asking which I thought was odd because I borrow her sweatpants all the time so I didn't see how it was different.

Well anyway I wasn't connecting the dots. Later that day I can see she is upset and I ask her whats going on and she just bluntly asks me. "Are you becoming trans?". Which totally blindsided me.

I guess growing out my hair, borrowing her scarves, in addition to talking about gender nihilism and telling her I was talking with a couple of trans folks like freaked her out.

Anyway I told her I wasn't trans and ironed that out.

Then like three weeks later I get a new phone and with it I decide to get a pink phone case and she starts grilling me with questions about it. Asking me when I started liking pink. Asked me if I was trying to make some kind of statement. Asked me if I was intentionally trying to be more feminine. (the answer was no on both accounts)

Finally she asked what she really wanted. "are you thinking of changing your gender? are you wanting to become a woman?"

Over a pink phone case -_-

Anyway she assures me that this is the last time she is going to ask me that. Kind of annoying at this point.



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moonlune wrote

Good, the plan is working, she hasn't noticed yet that you're trying to turn into a pirate.


veuzi wrote

Try growing your beard and your hair out


asterism OP wrote

Once my hair is very very long I am definitely growing the beard out again just so I can go through a mountain man era.



Skirts and dresses are great in the summer no matter the gender. Just saying…