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I had two dreams recently, which is rare for me to have two within weeks of eachother. I almost never have dreams.

The first one

I decided I was going to make a friend group of exclusively lesbians. So I bought a list of all Subaru owners in the country and their addresses. I traveled all across the country to talk to Subaru owners but every Subaru owner I found was a straight white male.

In frustration I jokingly posted on mastodon about how it should be illegal for cishet people to own Subarus. This post got boosted a bunch but unfortunately I caught the attention of some fash instance and they started arguing with me and telling me I was racist and that I was effectively calling for white genocide and then I got a bunch of death threats.

The second one I thought the timing was sort of funny. Because that night I decided to completly lose the beard. So I shaved and then went to bed right after and then I had my first ever gay dream.

Probably spare the details but the short of it is a male friend confessed they wanted to have sex with me, But I was like, "no I cant cheat on my wife" so then we had a long discussion on boundaries and what was ok and what was not ok. and we determined that cuddling was ok. So then they held me while we watched One Piece. And because I trusted them not to cross boundaries I basically teased them a ton. Things like, "oh sorry I didnt realize my hand was there" and other shit where I pretended to be oblivious. and thats more or less it.



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roanoke9 wrote (edited )

You dreamed that you posted something on the internet? I just realized, I have never so much as seen a computer in a dream. I don't think they exist there. Some tech sometimes, just never computers. Maybe it's a trade-off because like 90% of the time, I can fly.


asterism OP wrote

Yeah 90% of my dreams are plausible stuff. Like sometimes there are silly elements to it but they are sort of belivable. Never have I had superpowers or flight or anything I am usually just a normal person.


roanoke9 wrote (edited )

I' m almost always myself, sometimes different ages and abilities but aside from a few work related dreams (which is always my cue to change jobs) they are very fantastical and very hard to put in words.

And numerous, like even if I remembered every detail, I would not be able to tell it all before it was time to go to sleep the next evening. It's funny though, every single time I go to fly in a dream, even after 1000s of times, it us always as if I just then remembered I could do it. Like- oh, yeah, this can happen, of course. Oh, no computers ever, but books quite often. I've woke up with my eyes aching from reading a long book in a dream.

But I can never really tell anyone even one whole dream because of this. The closest I can get is relating a few fun details or snippets of scenes. My wife by contrast, dreams mostly in fully coherent tightly written and polished movie plots.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I don't remember any dream related to posting on the internet, but I often have dreams where I play videogames I played before sleep. Or sometimes I invent some new games and play them in my dream. I swear I've invented deck-building rougelikes before it was a thing!


Majrelende wrote

Sometimes I dream related to Raddle, but it's always related to the people within, not the actual site.


Fool wrote

Lesbians is Subaru Foresters only, otherwise Subaru is known for Street Racing vehicles, which is why you had bad luck (Note: I think Subaru doesn't have the same market in US to Asia/Pacific).

I've been reading One Piece, but have not been having enough sleep to have remembered dreams.


asterism OP wrote

Subaru is like the first car company in the US to treat lgbt as a demographic to market to.

Which evidently worked as they have a reputation of being cars for lesbians.

They also appeal to outdoorsy folks and street racers.