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She basically went to each of my family members Facebook and posted on their walls about how angry she was with them for not calling my dad on his birthday. (She also made a post about how shameful it was I didnt call (I dont have facebook hence the normal post)) The post to my wife was giving her grief over not having my childrwen on the phone.

The worst one was directed at my niece and said something like "she doesnt want to talk to her Grandpa who is X years old. Who knows how much longer he will be around." Which is fucked up because my mom knows she is highly anxious and suseptible to that sort of thing.

The funny bit is half the people did call.and my Dad is ticked off too because he never complained about a lack of phone callsand didnt want her to make those posts.

My mom is the worst.



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Majrelende wrote

That sounds rather familiar to me.