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Garlic (garlic is fire)

Turmeric Rice

Roasted Tomatoes




The smell of Bread

Lots of foods really

One Piece

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sakamoto desu ka.

Your lie in April.

My kiddos.

All the cute stuff at @Rasp posts. A person on Mastodon that posts a bunch of cutesy gay fan art stuff.

Terrible Terrible Jokes

Laughing at my own jokes when no one else thinks its funny

But also when people think I am funny

Just laughing in general.

Also theres a point where I get drunk where I just cant stop laughing no matter what. That's fun.

I love myself. I think that's important

Video games

Sex is pretty great lol.

Getting away with it, whatever it might be.

Benee and Ella Fitzgerald and this person I know(who isnt a singer) and Nat King Cole all have voices that I get genuine pleasure out of listening to.



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