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Cat pictures. I have literally never wanted to see a picture of anyones cat ever

People who post pics/vids of their kids online. God damn give your kids some privacy.

Work obvi.

The Office (the Tv Show) kill me now please.

Friends (The TV show)

When I express an interest in doing something anti-authoritarian and I get the response, "You know, in a way, you are still letting authority control you" Shut the Fuck up Liberal!

Fucking "Multi-level Marketing" get out of here with your predatory bullshit.

My mother, spawn of hell that she is.

Fucking Pencils (mechanical ones and carpenter ones are cool though).

Chalk. Get the fuck off me chalk.

Cotton swabs

Lavender I aint even exaggerating the smell is enough to make me near vomit.

The noxious fumes known as Bath and Body Works.

The lab rat maze known as Ikea.


Fucking Rudolph.

The little Drummer Boy.

Pachabels Canon.

That fucking ad from like the early 2000s with a bunch of celebrities describing voting as the pancea for everything bad ever.



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moonlune wrote

Why don't you like pencils?


asterism OP wrote

Because I feel like no matter what I do I can never get them as sharp as I want.

Though this one time in elementary I got a pencil hyper sharp. and it rolled across the floor and the tip of the pencil bumped another kids finger tip and drew blood. and I am still kind of proud of that.


moonlune wrote

while we were in elementary school you studied the blade