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fake names make life easier

Anyway my coworker(Jessica) who participates in an MLM. Has been suspicious of a particular coworker(Debbie) for stealing her MLM catalog.

Anyway Jessica gets back from lunch break. and she notices her favorite pen is missing. She starts frantically searching for it and asks us if we have seen anyone stop at her desk while she was gone. Neither of us had. So then she starts going on about how Debbie probably has it and she is suspicious of her "for reasons" and she probably took the catalog too. (lol) She even says that same line about being an only child who cant lose her toys.

Now tbf its a pen and Debbie frequently stops by our desks to make quick notes for clients before they walk out the door. So I figure she has the pen and it was probably just another pen to her rather than( as Jessica thinks) a targeted attempt to steal Jessica's pen.

Well she has the pen, Jessica sent my coworker to spy out her desk. and now Jessica is seething and waiting for Debbie to leave so she can steal it back. lol

I am mostly just proud that the missing catalog got pinned on someone else.



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aabbaabb wrote

You should upgrade to bullseye


asterism OP wrote

lol, Debian Jessie. Thats funny.


aabbaabb wrote (edited )

I thought it's why you chose the names

I still have a Jesse install on my drive