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I really hate my ISP. Last month we called them about a long standing issue with our internet. It was a line tapping issue. In other words a problem with the cable line outside leading into the house being tapped with listening devices.

One guy shows up to fix it. Does a funky cartwheel and flip and problem persists. We call the ISP again. Next guy apologizes and says first guy is awesome but doesn't know what he is doing then this guy actually fixes the problem, using a secret ninja technique.

Well ISP sends us a statement and I notice that the bill is significantly higher than normal. They charged us a "service call fee" and since two guys came out they charged us for having a threesome.

So now I am expected to pay 18 dollars (in addition to my regular bill) to pay for sexy ninja services.


And now my wife keeps asking why my ass is bruised.



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