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asterism OP wrote

Oh shit. I was going to do that thing next Sunday. are people still interested in that?

I dont know if I still am or not I will need to decide.


subrosa wrote

Nothing against you, but I'm leaning no on next Sunday. As you mentioned, it's easy to get a bit too invested in each others lives, which comes with all sorts of dynamics that online are extra difficult to hold in balance. A hiatus sounds like a good idea, if only to let the mind unwind and let go for a bit. But also don't take your announcement as a promise; if you show up tomorrow morning I won't hold it against you.

Sorry the whole situation leaves you a little, uh, fucked up. I'm inclined to say, it's not that big of a deal, and there were/are all sorts of factors at play; feel better. I hope that's not too measured a response to be meaningless.


veuzi wrote

I'm still down for the sunday chat but you do what you gotta do


lentils wrote

i’m still up for it if you are but obv if you’re not that’s totally understandable, so no pressure.


Bezotcovschina wrote

your decision. If positive, I would like to join, but no pressure, you can do it at any other time if you want