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I have to tell the truth. I have been lying A LOT. In part because I don't trust my wife with the truth and in part because I want to avoid what is going to be a very painful conversation.

But the first step through this is to have that conversation. At the very least she needs to know she has irreprably shattered my trust. There is litterally nothing she can do to repair it.

I don't know. I think I am going to edit/rework that one post probably significantly rework it and read it to her. I might post the new version here first just so I can have a second pair of eyes on it.

I have put off this conversation long enough I think I am going to try to have it this weekend sometime.


My life's going to fucking implode.



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lettuceLeafer wrote

Life truly is a zero sum game. The more misery you have the more enjoyment I get from watching raddles telonoeva.

Yeah that sounds stressful as fuck. If you think that's what is best go for it. I wish you luck. I don't envy your position. Think of it as a challenge you are learning how to not be such a chicken. First it's being honest with your wife. Then it's doing more cool stuff cuz ur not such a chicken.

Tho genuine question have you considered that you might get kicked out of the house temporarily. I know if my mom got mad at my dad for criticizing her she would make him leave for the night. So idk if that's a normal thing. But maybe something to plan for. Tho maybe it wife wouldn't do that since u don't really have options or money for a have to stay.


asterism OP wrote

I don't even feel a tiny built guilty. I wouldnt have to lie so much if I was with someone I could trust.

fuck I think I need to read what I just typed a couple more times. Fuckin hell.

anyway I agree with you. I have a few reasons for wanting to do this. The biggest reason is because sometimes our relationship (despite my inner turmoil) seems alright, pleasant even. This is because I lie. I need to see how bad things really are.


asterism OP wrote

I would be surprised but its a possibility. She has tried to get me to leave a couple times but usually she threatens to leave and if she is really mad to take the kids with her, which is fucked up.


asterism OP wrote

You know what would make her the most mad would be saying I watch porn and got drunk.

I don't know this isnt a contest to see how mad I can get her though ngl that is tempting.

I probably won't mention those things.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Honestly don't be so surprised. My parents lived in the same house and didn't get along most of the time. It happened more times than I can count that my mom just left with me and my brother. But my mom isn't your wife either.

Tho it wouldn't be a bad idea to have an idea of where to park to sleep in your car for the night.