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lettuceLeafer wrote

Yeah it's way funnier to just call people a looser. Though if you don't also be loving and caring to people it just becomes bullying. You gotta mix love and care for people in with chiding them in a loving way.

I wouldn't want to actually hurt a friend of mines feelings when things r going shit.


Fool wrote

Yeah, fuck natural light!

Don't let that sunshine come in and think it can go wherever it wants!



asterism OP wrote (edited )

This is going to make me sound more depressed than I am. I have several admitedly more constructive/realistic fantasies than this one.

Its about finality I guess. Like some days I feel I have always, and will always be working and maybe I want a instant way out. So if I board up my house I have my answer. Either I have a place to live and I can survive or I get shot. but either way I aint working.

edit: like what sets this apart from other escape fantasiesis I could theoretically do it at any time. I have all the resources available to me.


Tecate_Coyote wrote

i saw an animated cartoon about this guy who boarded up his windows to hide from god but it made so he couldn’t see the taxman coming.

i don’t think you’re alone in this fantasy. almost a self imposed cask of amatillado.