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My coworker is jovial and friendly. He seems to know and get along with practically everyone. Always takes an interest in everyone with whom he crosses paths.

Until a patient shows weakness in front of him. then he sends messages to us all complaining because a patient is crying or even grilling said patient over chat.

He enjoys his old refrences to Hogan or the monkees. He loves what he calls his "stupid humor". Most of the day he sits and talks to me telling me silly jokes and puns about whatever goes on. Sometimes I exchange some with him and we laugh.

and then he tells me jokes about mexicans, or about his son being non-binary. he can tell I dont enjoy these but he cant seem to stop himself.

My coworker loves his 2nd wife and says glowing things about her. You know they've been together 16yrs! She works at the same company. he frequently messages her he loves her very much.

But he says the spark has gone out. He shows up to work early and leaves late to avoid being around her. He gets drunk everynight to cope. He desparately wants pictures of his "russian friend" Svetlana, the one whom he almost cheated on his first wife with. I suspect this woman is purely an escape fantasy I hope for her sake she has no contact with him. I dont know both sides of the story but I suspect he is hard to be married to. Sometimes I think of suggesting a divorce but we are having these (one-sided) conversations at work in front of everyone so I think better of it.



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asterism OP wrote (edited )

Oh minor update on my MLM coworker. Today they put a sticky note in the breakroom where the catalog used to be stating, "Please return catalog to me at front desk".



roanoke9 wrote

If you could do it without being caught, providing a series of random catalogues would be hilarious. The fingerhut catalog? Was that the one? Next week, a vintage Sears catalog. No? What about this discarded library card catalog, was that the one you meant?