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Productives not the right word. Dont know what is.

I dont know, I think a lot of this is stemming from the fears I have welling up because I am actively thinking of divorce. I dont know probably mostly a fear of being alone.

but I've been going through brief periods where I feel like an asshole. Like I am all petty, fragile, insecure and jealous over the most random shit. and I have enough self-awareness to know its not anything to do with whatever I feel that shit towards so I have been wise enough to not act on those feelings but like I dont know what to do with them and I aint particularly happy I am feeling that way. and being unhappy with the feeling doesnt just make it go away.

So I guess that's my question how do I make these feelings go away, or if I cant what the fuck am I supposed to do with them?

edit: I guess time makes them go away so maybe thats the answer I just have to ride the wave. But that sucks and I want to whine about it. :(



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wednesday wrote

i write about them and post them on raddle. (or on mastodon, since i'm on there now.)

i don't know if that really helps though. i see it as a form of self-analysis that helps me to understand what i'm feeling, but understanding a feeling doesn't necessarily make it better (and might even make it worse).