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" The idea that someone else might have lived in my house before me is gross" (proceeds to go on about how they will only live in brand new appartments or have a place built)

This was from my SIL. who has to be one of the most materialistic people I know. But then I remembered this isn't the first time I've heard this shit. Our friends had a townhome built nearby for exactly the same reason.



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existential1 wrote

The only time I'd crossover support this opinion is if the previous owner was an inside smoker or had feral cats that weren't really taken care of. I have respiratory issues though so that's my excuse.

That opinion in-general is trash though. It simply can't exist for everyone forever.


asterism OP wrote

Yeah, there are 100% legitimate reasons to not want to live in places owned by certain individuals and certainly you want to avoid mold or what not.

But yeah this opinion is different in that it boils down to, "people as a whole are gross, I don't want people to have ever touched something I use" which of course means they probably don't buy used shit either. though neither my friend nor my SIL buy new cars so that is the one exception.


Fool wrote

I have moved house due to mould growth before, but often new places are almost as bad, due to dodgy waterproofing in bathrooms.


veuzi wrote

I don't know but having a brand new house built and then demolished once you move away because "other people living there before you is gross" is the most American thing I have ever heard