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I wont include the subreddits like nofap though I spent a brief time there too.

So, as you can surmise, I had really fucked up beliefs pushed on me from my parents about the evils of porn and masturbation. I was also your average teenage boy so masturbation was basically my hobby. super great combo obviously. (so much guilt and self loathing).

So the first thing I can remember reading (and I will link it later because shits hilarious) is some random sermon from a guy in the LDS. Even then I knew it was going to be unhelpful. and like one of the tips was to not, after a bath, look at yourself naked in the mirror lest you start masturbating. and to this day I have wondered, "do people do that, like get turned on by the sight of themselves naked?"

The second was a book called "Every young mans battle". Its a book by a dude who counseled young men away from madturbation and the grievous sin of premarital sex. except he goes into a little too much detail about the situations that cause some people to sin. so its a bit like reading softcore erotica. its fantastic.

The third was a book and a bible study I was a part of (at this point I am a freshman in college) called LFL or lust free living. Two funnny things so one of the coauthors was big into demonic possession shit. so one session we were supposed to declare/renounce any footholds we gavd the devil into our know the hardcore shit like playing dnd and having an overactive imagination.

ok but this second funny thing oh my god. So a big part of it was we were like supposed to make our sins right to like get rid of their footholds into our lives. so how do you make masturbation right? Well obviously, in the case of people you actually know that you masturbated to, you confess (tell them you madturbated to them) and then ask forgiveness ( I dont think any of us actuallly did it good grief).

Ok so last one was a book called "Finally Free" and I didnt finish this one because I quickly figured out this was garbage. but theres a cautionary tale in this one. A married man starts viewing porn just a little and for reasons I dont understand they are old school and get dvds. well eventually their habit gets so bad they stop sleeping in the bed with their wife. eventually he moves a bed into the basement sets up a projector and the basement becomes their "sex cave" and the walls are covered in dvds and he never sees his family anymore. and such is the fate of all married men who masturbate.

seriously the author used the term sex cave.

and that surmise the anti-masturbation literature. I honestly wish I had those books so I could mock them relentlessly.

edit: here is the link I promised.

edit: also I do think there is critique to be had with porn but this fundamentalist shit aint it.



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Majrelende wrote

confess (tell them you madturbated to them) and then ask forgiveness ( I dont think any of us actuallly did it good grief).

Gbleh. I would rather never know.


asterism OP wrote

You know what I actually do know one person who did it. but they werent part of our group. I wonder how many women have had to deal with that because of this book?


Fool wrote

It funny, all the Gnostic stuff could give people ways to deal with avoidance of masturbation in a healthy way, but instead they say thats heresy and force people into "sin" (i.e. mental anguish).