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__0 wrote

My partner is a lot pickier of an eater than me, and they were quite intimidated by cooking when we met, sometimes it’s good to find something easy and simple that you both can agree upon. Roasting some vegetables in the oven with salt and pepper and a little bit of oil is dead simple and pretty tasty it’s easy to get a good variety of food in and it’s pretty cheap as well.

Our go to right now is

1/2 Yam … cubed 2 Carrot … chopped 1/2 zucchini … big chunks 1/2 eggplant … pretty thick

Also marinated firm tofu takes an hour to soak up the sauce can’t remember exactly what my partner puts into it but I think it’s mostly ginger honey and soy sauce?

You really can’t go wrong, just throw it into the oven for about 17- 20 min at a reasonable temperature and give it a check to see if the consistency is how you like it.


asterism OP wrote

I am still experimenting with tofu (I don't use it often in part because I don't know how I like it.) and I am getting close to perfecting my fried tofu.

But it has literally never occured to me to bake it.


Bezotcovschina wrote

Baked tofu is great. I don't marinade it, just cut into small-ish cubes 1,5-2 cm, mix with spices (some curry mix do it for me) and starch and bake it at 200-250 degrees Celsius for 10 or so minutes. I can't get enough of this.