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ziq wrote

break it fully


asterism OP wrote (edited )

That's what I am considering. They have to have maintence look at it first so I would need to make sure it wasnt an obvious thing.



what makes it prude?


asterism OP wrote

I might expect this shit from an older generation but she is probably Gen X. Ok, so here is the first example that comes to mind

A female patient with pink hair comes up to the desk and heads to my coworker to make her next appointment. So she does all the normal stuff with the patient to get her scheduled etc. A few minutes after the patient leaves she turns to me and she goes,

"Hey, you saw that patient I was scheduling with the pink hair?"


"So I remember that I scheduled her for today's appt. too. When I was scheduling her I offered the next open appt time and she said, ' No I can't do that day because that is me and my boyfriends 1 month anniversary'"

My coworker pauses for me to respond and I am a little confused as to what she is trying to tell me. I assume she is thinking that its cute, funny, or gushy that she is celebrating a 1 month anniversary so I respond by saying,

"That's funny" , My coworker responds with a mix of moral outrage and shock

"She's 17! When I was that age I wasn't thinking about anything like that!"

So I guess 17 is too young to be thinking about boys. Like if the patient was 10 or smth I could maybe understand the shock but 17? Like she finds it offensive and shocking that a 17 year old has a boyfriend and maybe possibly is thinking about sex (though the patient themselves didn't bring up sex at all according to her story).



i see..

what if her hair had been boring blonde* or brown or black?


asterism OP wrote

Don't know. But I am pretty sure pink hair means your the main character in an anime so she has that going for her.


asterism OP wrote

I get the feeling the angry one likes to keep tight control over what music plays in the lobby. But I am beginning to lose it. Its been this honky tonk stuff all damn day. Probably going to change it soon and see what happens.