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ziq wrote

quantum leap did it right. all new characters, same premise, same continuity but 30 years later, and the lead actor is just as likeable and earnest as sam was

BH90210 tried to do a curb your enthusiasm riff, same actors, but they're playing themselves instead of the fictional characters, and it was an interesting experiment

x-files didn't work because it turns out chris carter is a really bad writer and it was all the other writers who made that show good

picard didn't work because patrick stewart got creative control and sabotaged every story idea to make it as not star trek as possible, to the point where the writers all walked

saved by the bell brought back a couple of old characters overseeing a new cast. mario lopez and mark paul looked exactly the same as in the 90s so it worked

if they ever succeed in bringing sliders back i'd at least want quinn to be in it, and arturo in the pilot at least. that's a show that wasted all its potential because of meddling executives, so a reboot would be able to set things right