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ghost wrote

I kind of get this a lot… for me, it’s from not eating enough filling stuff. I have celiac and can’t eat many things with grains because most grains in the US are too contaminated with gluten for me. So I can eat an enormous salad or huge plate of veggies, and I’ll be physically full but the food I ate doesn’t give me enough energy to feel like I ate enough.

But I also have gut problems and the line between “I think I’m still hungry” and “I am painfully uncomfortably full” is only about two extra bites of food.

I spend way too much time trying to decide if I’m legit hungry or if I should just wait it out. I fucking hate it.


asterism OP wrote

Don't know what that's about.


lettuceLeafer wrote

I get this feeling sometimes and I categorize it due to 34different things.

  1. drug caused. Most drug withdrawls make you just ravenously hungry for like the worst shit ever. So you just eat and eat hoping to feel some joy but nothing ever comes due to withdrawl. Or I drank too much or had too much weed. I doubt this is your problem.

  2. The food I eat doesn't fill my belly up enough. Oil rich foods are notorious as you get so many calories but your belly isn't really full. Plus if you don't drink a lot of water or eat much fruit n veg I could prob eat like 4k calories in a sitting before my stomach felt full. Drinking more water and eating food with more bulk and eating less calorie dense food helps a lot.

  3. If you are eating a lot of whole vegan foods the food isn't very calorie dense so you actually have to eat a lot. A couple days ago I ate 3k calories whole food plant based with lik 6 servings of vegtables and 5 servings of fruit. The next day I had to take a pretty big shit 3 times just because I at so much food. I think I ate like 160 grams of fiber. So to get your caloric needs you actually need to eat a lot. Especially if you are pretty fat your basal metabolic rate actually increase a lot. Which conversely makes the whole fatphobic thing about shaming fat people for eating a lot even more shitty lol. So maybe you packed your stomach with food 3 hours ago and are ready for more food. I would check chronometer if you can handle it emotionally to actually see if you are eating enough calories. It could be that you are eating even more food than normal but getting less calories.

  4. I have some emotional problem that I am artificially solving with food. Especially if I'm sober I eat so much more unnecessarily just to cope with a negative mental state. I just crave food because I feel like shit. So my brain will just be like eat eat eat all day until I get sick then after I'm done being sick it will be like eat eat eat again. Which is a really shitty cycle. Being anxious or depressed just make me crave so much food it sux.


asterism OP wrote (edited )

I suspect I ain't getting enough calories.

How big of a deal is that? Like other than feeling hungry I don't feel bad. and the hungry feeling isn't a huge deal (I don't feel ravenous just not quite full).

edit: yeah that's what it is. Maybe I should eat more peanut butter.


lettuceLeafer wrote

I wouldn't worry about it. Risks from calorie defeciniency are mainly just if you eat so little u don't get enough nutrients. You might get more lethargic potentially if u do it for a long period or your at a substantial deficit.


lentils wrote

because i’m autistic i kind of struggle with interoception which is basically your awareness of internal sensations like hunger, thirst, tiredness etc so i’m never really sure how much i need to eat. idk if that’s what’s happening for you though.


Bezotcovschina wrote

get this too since I began eating vegan. I still hungry even if ate enough, but after an hour or so I'm starting to feel that I'm full