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veuzi wrote

Yep that's me as well. Depending on who's asking the question, I might just answer "I woke up and ate breakfast" or just literally "nothing". I have been also known to just go "next question".


lettuceLeafer wrote

I actually 100% agree. I hate it. Based on my lifestyle I get pretty used to just lying about what activities I do in a convincing way. I hate that question so much on principle I almost allways lie. If its someone I trust or like totally different story. But most people yeah I just lie. Especially if coworkers who you have been working ~10 ish hours a day with ask they basically get to know what you do all 24 hours of the day. Which I don't like one bit. Generally speaking I don't like when I reveal information without critically thinking about it to strangers. I value privacy a lot

I can't imagine ever being completely transparent with someone about all my activities. Its just weird. I don't even like the idea of me knowing what a serious romantic partner is doing at every waking moment. I don't think its beneficial for anyone to be surveilled that much. Not saying its bad or immoral to share everything with a spouse tho


asterism OP wrote

I mean coworkers can just go fuck off with that question. I just assume they are trying to hoist work upon me.

But like even people I trust I immediatly distrust when they ask this question. And for me its like I don't mind telling people what I am doing but if I wanted to talk about it I would.


Fool wrote (edited )

I just feel weird because it confronts the fact I don't plan ahead or think about what I'm going to do or what I have been doing.

It feels like I'm hiding something even though I'm just not thinking about things.


moonlune wrote (edited )

"masturb... nothing"


ziq wrote

Makes my blood boil


__0 wrote

“What are you a cop or something?”


asterism OP wrote

Apparently I am with my people lol.


ghost wrote

I think it’s a super ableist question and I hate it. If I’m not working, sleeping, or eating, I’m probably doing absolutely nothing because I don’t have the energy to do anything not directly related to my survival.

It’s as bad as “how are you?”

Also small talk is asinine.


asterism OP wrote (edited )

I like small talk personally. But I like asinine shit.

The reason I don't like how are you is because I find it insincere. What people really mean is, "hello". If you give them a real answer they feel you are emotionally burdening them.

edit: what I don't like (and I notice this more in the silent generation folks) is people talking at length about every person they ever knew ever. Like a brief mention or anectdote is fine. But why do we want to exchange names with each other of people that neither of us know? I mean that's their thing and that's cool, there are worse things, but those are the most boring conversations ever.