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My wife bought this magnetic whiteboard calendar thing that hangs on the wall a month or two ago. Its got an agenda, a calendar, and a todo list. She gets it all set up with her todos and the families weekly calendar and gots all these fancy magnets to label things with on it.

So I think I am hilarious and my kids aren't reading age yet so I pick up a whiteboard marker when she isn't paying attention and add to the todo list, "Give asterism blowjob". Then I think I am super hilarious and I find a couple of the magnets that are arrows that say "Urgent" and "Don't forget" so I label my "todo list item" with those. Than I think I am mega super ultra hilarious and I find some more magnetic labels that say "date night" and "meal plan" and I move those next to the todo list item too. and then I laugh a bunch to myself and I decide to wait and see how long it will take her to notice. A few days pass and she finally sees it and she goes, "Asterism what is this? Give Asterism a blowjob?!" and we laugh about it and she calls me a dork and tells me to erase it. But no one ever comes over so I tell her I am leaving it so she doesn't forget.

A couple weeks pass the fridge goes out. I am able to get it running enough that it isn't an emergency and we call in the warranty to get the fridge fixed. Another week passes and its like the day before the repairman is supposed to come. The fridge goes out again, this time while I am at work, and our food is in danger of going bad. So my wife calls in some help to get the food out quickly and stored elsewhere. So my father-in-law is over there helping my wife move food into coolers and into a mini fridge he brought over. As he is walking around he notices the calendar and says to my wife "hey thats new what is that." My wife explains what it is to her dad and as she is explaining it dawns on her that I never erased the "todo list item" and she looks over at her dad's face and watches him visibly cringe as he reads the blowjob joke I left on the todo list. They both carry on as if nothing happened. Wife is a tiny bit mad when I get home.

and that's the story, thank you.



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Haruki wrote

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... you should've left this in the cringe thread.


lettuceLeafer wrote

oh no, how did I miss reading this. This is very funny. I actually love this additional lore builidng u r doing.