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Cheeks wrote

Now that u/snowy has moved on and I never thought I would get the same chuckle from someone consistently complaining about their downvoted posts, u/jayedgar shows up to take the reigns. Let's think about this for a moment... Jayedgar? As in j. Edgar Hoover, former US prez and the very 1st director of the FBI, blatant racist and all around pile of human garbage? If that offers any foresight into why their opinion is useless enough to warrant downvoting.


Cheeks wrote

I've been playing folk, bluegrass, punk and hardcore for 26 years. Usually it's music that exists within my local/regional scene or any given friend's local scene that could be nowhere Kentucky or hamburg Germany.


selver wrote

I use the private tracker to torrent music. I check the top 10 torrents often, search by genre, and follow some forum music recommendation threads.

I use algorithm suggestions sometimes too, but they seem to be mostly useless. It's an encouraging sign that computers still can't figure out what the fuck it is that makes me like something.


ploopt wrote

Cop culture is fucking everywhere. Hakim Bey wrote about this in the 80s:

The media cops, like televangelical forerunners, prepare us for the advent, final coming or Rapture of the police state: the “Wars” on sex and drugs: total control totally leached of all content; a map with no coordinates in any known space; far beyond mere Spectacle; sheer ecstasy (“standing-outside-the-body”); obscene simulacrum; meaningless violent spasms elevated to the last principle of governance.


LetMeOutThisIsNotaDance OP wrote

I will check it out.

But I think we could benefit from a more specific forum, I was sad when I found out psychiatric reform is not such a big movement as it is in my country (just made a rant about my country in other forum, but I really appreciate this movement). So many people are getting mentally ill nowadays and it's important that people know there is better alternatives than the ones we currently use.


Mango wrote

Snowpiercer, by far is best example of anarchist critique of capitalism society. There had been examples that tackle class war, but Snowpiercer is the strongest work so far on the aspect of pointing out both the structure of capitalism and the alternative, meaning using the anti-civ and primitive argument that taking down civilization is the only solution (the ending said it all)

Spoilers on Snowpiercer: If you look at the surface plot of the movie as just another piece of entertainment, it doesn't say much but the metaphors of the movie are what valuable. Humanity came to the end times of collapse and attempted to change that using geoengineering, they ended up killing the entire planet. The only survivors got on the train that were built by the capitalist Wilford and run eternity on the frozen surface of Earth. But the metaphors are, the end of the tail section, represented as the working class, repeatedly attempt to start the revolt against the head section, which the ruling class. It is protected by the middle section, which as shown as the "middle class." Long story short, the revolt succeeded and Captain America (Curtis) managed to get to the head section, however instead of listening to Nam goong and Yona that the system (train) is fucked, he wanted to take over Wilford position, which metaphorically as all real life revolutions only to replace the old tyrants with new one. And Nam goong and Yona ended up blowing up the entire train, killed almost everyone, but they escaped and start again at the outside world, where it ended the movie with showing life on the outside, in contradicted with what the train people had been saying that everything outside was dead.

Nam Goong and Yona are the metaphorical anarchists.

The other movie that look at anarchism or socialism through the lense of organizing, union, racism, class war and struggle, more directly but nonetheless awesome, is Sorry To Bother You. It's comically realistic and shown that how PoC struggling the most within the capitalism system. It's probably the best critique of capitalism in many aspect.