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elk3i wrote

Try now. But log out and then back in first.

If you also don't see the Subscribe buttons in the sidebars then it's your adblocker, so whitelist raddle.


SomeIconoclast wrote

scared the shit out of my

You just used an alternative.

"Spook" is (was?) an old anti-black slur; to my knowledge, it seems to have fallen out of use in that context. It's also been used as a term for feds; "FBI spook", and such. There's also the egoists use of it, but that's neither here nor there. Alternatives include scared, startled, shocked, surprised. In your case, I'd say alternatives could possibly be, but aren't limited to: anxious, antsy, excitable, skittish, or tense.

As for whether or not you should stop using the word; I don't really care, but others might. I don't think anyone really uses "spook" in a racial context anymore; "spooked" doesn't apply in this case either, as the slur is, well, not a verb.