Bans in /f/AskRaddle

Username Reason Banned Expires
75_percent_not_Titan titan Never
Allyouwantiscivility ban evasion Never
garminexpress8 spam Never
GregBjorn SEO spam Never
santaplug spam Never
Uebsot troll Never
DarkArmillary2 ban evasion Never
DarkArmillary TERF Never
baleeteD ableism Never
lmfao troll Never
amongsttrolls troll Never
Stained Titan Never
brason spammer Never
turtlesshapiro Cry me a river Never
turtles2 evasion oh no Never
turtles >>I've never fucked another dude in the ass. Never
TACCOM______ ban evasion :) Never
TACCOM__ ban evasion :) Never
TACCOm_ ban evasion :) Never
GoldenPhoenix ban evasion :) Never
TACCOM ban evasion :) Never
JanChaos ban evasion :) Never
21312512125124124 old man Never
r_dcl_sm Continued to misgender a user after being warned to stop. Never
rohitsingh spammer Never