Bans in /f/AskRaddle

Username Reason Banned Expires
baleeteD ableism Never
lmfao troll Never
amongsttrolls troll Never
Stained Titan Never
brason spammer Never
turtlesshapiro Cry me a river Never
turtles2 evasion oh no Never
turtles >>I've never fucked another dude in the ass. Never
TACCOM______ ban evasion :) Never
TACCOM__ ban evasion :) Never
TACCOm_ ban evasion :) Never
GoldenPhoenix ban evasion :) Never
TACCOM ban evasion :) Never
JanChaos ban evasion :) Never
21312512125124124 old man Never
r_dcl_sm Continued to misgender a user after being warned to stop. Never
rohitsingh spammer Never
john12505 spammer Never
stevenleesteven spammer Never
kespoembroke888 Spamming
ConnieCommie ableism/saneism together with being a troll Never
jollygoodbrit Islamophobe Never
Killyourself Right wing troll Never