Just returned from working on mainland China for a couple years, AMA interest?

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Worked there for a couple years and had some good experiences but spent the last eight months there sleeping my door barricaded, friends that I had emergency arrangements made (daily, weekly check-ins, and the like), carried a "go bag" on me at all times with enough cash to get out of the country, and other fun shit. Sounds like overkill but it's what I needed to do for some peace of mind.

Anyway, if you'd like to ask questions, I'm happy to answer. If I don't answer directly, I still have to go back now and then.


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Pop wrote

Yeah, what's up with the barricade and the go bag situation? Sounds intense.


deathdirge OP wrote

Short answer: after I spent some time in Hong Kong I started to notice irregularities in where my phone was "located" (it would travel to places like Beijing while I wasn't there), would sometimes be shadowed/followed by people, shit like that. They're also known to come in the middle of the night to either give warnings or arrest people. The barricade was meant to give me time to send out prearranged messages to friends not to stop them from getting in.

I won't lie, my last few months there were unpleasantly paranoid.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'd love to hear more about this; I don't feel like I have enough context to understand what's happening here.

I'm also interested to hear more about you generally but am not yet sure what to ask!


deathdirge OP wrote

Seems there's enough interest to do one. I'm still arranging life in my new home but once I get settled I'm hoping to write up a little about what I'd be willing to share, maybe start some ideas and questions.

It was a wild ride.


Harpocrates wrote

How was the food?


deathdirge OP wrote

Oily and salty. But that was the one provided by our employer and the state. Otherwise, it was some of the best food I've ever had. Stories of gutter oil and that probably have their basis in truth but doesn't seem to happen in larger areas as much now.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

How real are the claims about uyghur muslims being abused is? Especially the part about them being killed for their organs.

I strongly believe that china is abusing this minority, but the claims about organ harvesting is so "comic book evil" that it feels like western propaganda. On the other hand, humanity has had it's fair share of absolute evil, so...

What do you believe?

edit:sorry for asking so late btw


deathdirge OP wrote

No worries and it's like a lot of things, there's definitely truth to it. The CCP has even admitted to organ harvesting though claim it's consensual so it's okay.

I'm planning to do a little write up of some of what I've learned and experienced there, which will include this in a way. Sorry I'm not saying more here.