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ziq wrote

If all you want is to pay someone to install postmill to a VPS for you then say how much you're willing to pay and we'll see if someone will agree to do it for that price.

If you want to use the raddle name like you said then we would have to work something out.


librehash OP wrote

This instance will be on a subdomain of a domain I already know, branded in accordance to my platform.

If we're using the same reference code (postmill) people will obviously recognize that. That's all I meant.

Not looking to be attached to the '' brand at all. You all can have every post, sidebar, member, settings etc., no promotion or acknowledgment needed.

Just need that technical backend stuff taken care of and we're gravy baby.


librehash OP wrote

I definitely don't want the name at all.

I'm willing to pay $150+ for someone to get it done now. I'll also get the VPS ready for them.


ziq wrote (edited )

/u/surreal might do it for you, but idk if it's worth his time for just $150. I'd offer at least 600.


asbestosstar wrote (edited )

I may look into it to prove we are not fake. I can do it for a very little or even free if you want


ziq wrote

Why would you want to prove anything to this rude person?


[deleted] wrote


asbestosstar wrote

wait are you having the same issue I am? On Mobile after typing for a while it says something like "an issue has occurred" and logs me out and loosing all my progress. Are you getting this to?