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librehash OP wrote

Ziq! Glad I reached you. Thank you for responding.

  1. I do not simply want a place to post stuff that interests me. I need shelled out categories subcategories, that dig into the minutiae of blockchain. I do not plan on leaving one stone unturned

1a. There is a distinct possibility that Reddit communities for projects such as 'Bitcoin', 'Litecoin', 'btc', etc., are created as non-censored alternatives.

  1. I do not need an audience. I already have a fairly sizeable one at the moment. Before being banned on Medium, I was ranked the #1 writer in blockchain. I have several thousand followers on all platforms, garner a few hundred thousand impressions, at least, on every platform, per month and have been cited in a number of major publications. I do not want this to come across as bragging, but I just want to be clear that attracting attention / audience is the least of my concerns.

  2. "There are already abuot 20 reddit alternatives and all of them struggle to gain users" ; That's unfortunate. Perhaps I will serve as a blueprint for how to grow this platform

  3. "Not have to spend years promoting a different domain that is likely to never gain any traction in such a competitive environment" ; Honestly, I'm willing to make you a wager that I could exceed the size of raddle(.)me if challenged to - within 6 months to 9 months, tops.

  4. "It also sounds like you think postmill is federated" ; No. I was saying that this feels somewhat analogous in terms of 'instnaces'.

  5. "None of the forums or posts here would appear on your site" ; I would prefer that. I could fill up an entire site with the content that I have written this year alone and do it in a very short period of time. If I needed to generate organic content, I could do so within a month or two - without worry.

It seems like you all have never ran into someone that's actually serious about what they're doing.

Again, I've published >600 reports in this space, 20k+ tweets, 25k+ Telegram messages, and have not missed a single birthday, holiday, weekend, etc... Ever.

Have not compromised or acquiesced. Once.


ziq wrote

If all you want is to pay someone to install postmill to a VPS for you then say how much you're willing to pay and we'll see if someone will agree to do it for that price.

If you want to use the raddle name like you said then we would have to work something out.


librehash OP wrote

This instance will be on a subdomain of a domain I already know, branded in accordance to my platform.

If we're using the same reference code (postmill) people will obviously recognize that. That's all I meant.

Not looking to be attached to the '' brand at all. You all can have every post, sidebar, member, settings etc., no promotion or acknowledgment needed.

Just need that technical backend stuff taken care of and we're gravy baby.


librehash OP wrote

I definitely don't want the name at all.

I'm willing to pay $150+ for someone to get it done now. I'll also get the VPS ready for them.


ziq wrote (edited )

/u/surreal might do it for you, but idk if it's worth his time for just $150. I'd offer at least 600.


asbestosstar wrote (edited )

I may look into it to prove we are not fake. I can do it for a very little or even free if you want


ziq wrote

Why would you want to prove anything to this rude person?


[deleted] wrote


asbestosstar wrote

wait are you having the same issue I am? On Mobile after typing for a while it says something like "an issue has occurred" and logs me out and loosing all my progress. Are you getting this to?