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Alt wrote

The revolution is aimed at new arrangements, while the insurrection leads us to no longer let ourselves be arranged, but rather to arrange ourselves, and sets no radiant hopes on "institutions." - Stirner


Majrelende wrote

After a revolution, we end in the same place as where we started.


Majrelende wrote

Now that I think of it more in political terms instead of physical ones, maybe a revolution is a single, complete event and an insurrection does not simply end as a revolution does.


Basil wrote

From what I understand, revolution is when the uprising is successful, and insurrection is when it isn't successful, and so the powers that be decide to paint it as something bad.


celebratedrecluse wrote

the way I use the word revolution, it is the transformation of social conditions. It's not necessarily positive change, just substantial change. It could happen slowly, or quickly. Usually, I think it happens in great bursts of energy followed by fallow times.

insurrection is a tactic to achieve various ends, that may be employed by various actors, including both marginalized people as well as the established powers. It is also an aesthetic, and thus a commodity, at this point-- much the same as the idea of revolution is.

neither should be fetishized, but both are interesting and useful ideas.

Other people obviously have their own opinions, definitions, and working language around these words. Very contested terrain