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lori wrote

NoFap is currently taking legal action against this defamation.

im gonna fucking lose it why does raddle keep getting weird nofap content

this is like the third or fourth time


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I will guess that it is the same person, but I dunno.

I haven't read any of this because effort but I suspect it'll get swerfy real quick, so if anybody wants to deal with that that'd be good.


SomeIconoclast wrote

How do you guys feel about the whole NoFap movement?

I don't and just thought it was another meme.

NoFap is currently taking legal action against this defamation.

Oh my god.

The placebo "argument" is just not true as so many people support semen retention as it actually helps them.

That...that doesn't mean it's not a placebo.

What do you guys think about NoFap?

It's no business of mine whether someone touches themselves or not. That it's a movement strikes me as absurd.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Splinglebot wrote

wait are you tryina tell me it doesn't?? how else am I meant to feel superior to everyone???


ziq wrote

Idk why anyone would put any thought into this 'movement'. If you don't want to masturbate then don't masturbate and shut up about it. Do you really need to turn it into some kind of hobby?


Splinglebot wrote

I've heard nothing misogynistic from the men of NoFap

your misogyny detector is broken