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DarkArmillary wrote

No I was sincere, I would be patient if you are trying your best. I've know people with learning disabilities. Just have to patient. If that's not the case though, you're just a troll. You're not engaging in "good faith" here so I have no interest in really explaining things to you, things which you could scroll up and read anyway. My suggestion is that you make this day more fruitful for yourself, rather than being a troll all day. You're mostly wasting your own time, you know.


L0rdEMPRESS_GaLaXyBrAiN wrote (edited )

You're mostly wasting your own time, you know.

Says the white knight crying about female erasure. You're a little child who just wants to be understood. It's okay. 😚


DarkArmillary wrote

When you throw out that term, it shows that you have more in common with selfish alt-right thinking than anything else; as if the only reason someone might care about issues not related directly to themselves is so they can get some advantage by doing so. Nothing more to say other than you're wrong, troll.