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DarkArmillary wrote

No, actually, there was no description of any harm caused, whatsoever. Apparently there was more discussion not on this thread, but as it appears here, the only thing that happened was someone suggested "oh no, you can't use that word, it's TERFy," so though the magic of social pressure (whatever you want to call it), they literally amended their words to erase the word "female." And you act like this rhetorical bullying doesn't happen all over rad-left spaces.


zoochotic wrote

Immediately after that post bloodrose replied that they did not mean to be TERF-y so clearly they understood the harm, as did everyone else. If you didn't understand it, maybe ask the person?

Look, I'm usually the first to tell people to fuck off when it comes to language policing (policing not a simple criticism), but this just wasn't it.


[deleted] wrote


DarkArmillary wrote

Stupid trolls like you and the other one here degrade the quality of discourse in this entire space. Anarchism is not your personal social club for you to be snarky and get pats on the back from your buddies and some regular clique. I've seen it play out time and time again. It's fucking annoying. People like you give me less hope for Anarchism, as a movement.


L0rdEMPRESS_GaLaXyBrAiN wrote

I've seen it play out time and time again. It's fucking annoying.

Yeah, class reductionist TERF's tend to not be treated to well here.


DarkArmillary wrote

Anarchist cliques and Anarchist egos and Anarchist snark is what gets played out time and time again. It's petty and toxic. Maybe that's just how humans are.


Anarchox wrote

Thank you, comrade. I was inspired by this to speak up.