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rutabaga wrote (edited )

Constantly buying new things to replace things which are working fine anyway / filling up landfills.


walterh wrote

This! We used to pride ourselves on having things that were quality made and just worked. I remember my mother's vacuum from the 70s; made of steel, and would pick up anything from dirt to pennies. It just worked.

Nowadays you get a vacuum that's all plastic, and pray that you don't run over a coin or bobby pin because that'll just tear up the plastic in the motor.

We have nice things like metal cupcake pans or the like - but many people pick up the disposable ones - made out of cheap aluminum - from dollar stores, use them once, then throw them out.

The amount of waste from products I grew up thinking were irreplaceable unless catastrophically destroyed, is horribly amazing.


ziq wrote

Or just dumping their trash off the side of a mountain like they do here.