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rutabaga wrote (edited )

Constantly buying new things to replace things which are working fine anyway / filling up landfills.


walterh wrote

This! We used to pride ourselves on having things that were quality made and just worked. I remember my mother's vacuum from the 70s; made of steel, and would pick up anything from dirt to pennies. It just worked.

Nowadays you get a vacuum that's all plastic, and pray that you don't run over a coin or bobby pin because that'll just tear up the plastic in the motor.

We have nice things like metal cupcake pans or the like - but many people pick up the disposable ones - made out of cheap aluminum - from dollar stores, use them once, then throw them out.

The amount of waste from products I grew up thinking were irreplaceable unless catastrophically destroyed, is horribly amazing.


ziq wrote

Or just dumping their trash off the side of a mountain like they do here.


elyersio wrote

Outdated mandatory education.


jadedctrl wrote

I really like the alternative Aaron Swartz outlined in a couple essays-- "unschooling." Essentially, give kids the basics, then let them discover what they're interested in. Give them the tools to learn and a supportive environment, and set them free to learn whatever they want.
I mean, right now, kids learn basically nothing in school anyway. They study for tests and they forget about the information right afterward. Any learning they can do (and piques their curiousity) is better than nothing, even if it doesn't seem to correlate with a job-skill.
That comes to Swartz'es other suggestion-- let people learn on-the-job (training/experience), or be taken under someone's wing if it's highly specialized.


boringskip wrote

the alternative would be literally no education, or cult-like home education for religious people. we didn't have public schools for a long time, the kids were working in mines.


Pop wrote (edited )

Mainstream society


BlackFlagged wrote

Cops killing people for 'resisting' their force.


ziq wrote (edited )

Eating carcasses.


sudo wrote

Asking women to sleep with you, even after they've said no.


Prismatic_Iguana wrote

The idea that "free speech" covers hate speech or that hate speech is not the same as physical violence and should allow self defense like any other form of violence.


_ziq_ wrote

"Antifa are the real fascists".


Progre wrote

Advertising, finance, prisons, priests, weapons, representatives, billionaires, sausage, lawyers, smartphones, copyright, marriage, academia, sodas, office hours...


zer0crash wrote

Mediocre White People as somehow being worthy of your attention/praise by centering them in absolutely every fucking thing.


Crassula wrote

going to work even if you are in pain or ill


Prismatic_Iguana wrote

The idea that "free speech" covers hate speech or that hate speech is not the same as physical violence and should allow self defense like any other form of violence.


tnstaec wrote

Great listing going. Here are my additions:

  • crushing children's inherent curiosity
  • the logic of 'because I said so'
  • not thinking about how one's actions will effect others
  • buying power interpreted as moral authority
  • cutting infants' genitals
  • busibodiness
  • scapegoating
  • systematic deskilling over the generations
  • apathy
  • divestment from the electroal system being misunderstood as apathy
  • commodification of dissent
  • recuperating rebelliousness
  • bureaucracy
  • pseudo-conversation: interrupting/ dominating, not listening before responding

000 wrote

Filtering our nutrients through enslaved and brutalized living beings, raised in the most insanely unsanitary and horrific conditions, then murdering and devouring their corpses by the billions yearly.

Alternatively we can just cut out the middle-man and eat the vegetables, fruit and legumes directly, bypassing the immense suffering of innocents and the literal destruction of our very planet, while reducing our health risks and living longer, happier lives!

But what the fuck do I know...


ziq wrote

Grinding up trees to make toilet paper.