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sudo wrote

Well, they're not, really. What I meant is that every time a communist makes a sensible plan for what to do after capitalism has been overthrown, anarchists always criticize it, and call the communist who made it a capitalist. Yet, anarchists never seem to have a plan for what to do after a revolution, besides "let everyone do their own thing," which wouldn't last a month. So long as the bourgeoisie exist, some form of transitional state will be necessary.


Defasher wrote (edited )

Why do you think people are incapable of killing bourgies without a state to do it for them?

I'm not an ancom, but they do have a very detailed map of the world they want to build, so I think that's just a myth that they're not 'sensible', and incapable of organizing. Catalonia during the Spanish civil war proved that anarchist society has no trouble getting off the ground, at least until MLs form a pact with the fascists to slaughter everyone for being too free.


PainlessEphemera wrote

I’ve always wondered if there was a way Catalonia could’ve survived after the MLs partnered with the fascists. I consider myself an ancom, but I wonder how would you prevent a huge government, say the US, from purposefully destroying it with soldiers and police and all of that nasty stuff.


foggymorn wrote

It wouldn't have been hard back then, the anarchist militias were incredibly effective and well organized. Nowadays the US will spare any expense to kill a revolution though.