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OniLinkPlus wrote (edited )

Money as a concept would be gone. People's job choices would be what they want to work in. Necessary jobs such as maintenance are an issue I'm still thinking about as currently not many people want to do those jobs, though this may be resolved if we as a society begin to encourage these professions as important and noble.

Communities would be in dense population centers with high rise apartment complexes of varying sizes based on family size. Something like 500 sq ft base + 250 additional sq ft per person (numbers subject to actual research because I'm literally tossing numbers out there). The goal is to provide everybody with a comfortable amount of housing space while also not allowing said housing to sprawl and overtake the land which provides our natural resources.

Population will be limited, not with a hard limit but with extensive family planning to ensure we maintain a stable, sustainable population without growth.

Energy will be sourced from entirely renewable resources such as solar, hydroelectric (to the extent that it does not interfere with waterways and the life living within said waterways), wind, and similar, with particular care made to ensure our energy collection does not interfere with other animals and plant life. Ultimately we are aiming for zero-waste and net-zero (or negative) emissions.

Public transportation will be extensive and well maintained so that you can reach effectively anywhere within a reasonable timeframe. Population centers will be well designed such that individual vehicles become obsolete.

Food sources will be primarily local agriculture worked on by the community, with good farming practices to prevent soil degradation and water overuse. Animals will not be consumed, but artificial lab-grown meats will be available.

All "government" will be local direct democracy, with no authority presiding. Community members will nominate among themselves individuals to perform certain roles during community meetings such as timekeeper and vote counting, but care will be taken to rotate these roles such that no individual takes a nominated role twice. This can even be a bylaw of the community meetings.

The concept of "crime" will be limited to that which harms the community or an individual such as theft of personal property (why would one even steal if everything is abundant and available though??) or murder. "Crimes" will not be punished, instead individuals will have their needs addressed to find what will prevent future conflict. Extreme cases will be deliberated on by the community. If crime is being committed, that is a sign that the community is failing in some way that needs to be addressed.

As an addendum to the previous paragraph, Copyright can go fuck itself.