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elyersio wrote

A society of advanced technology and transhumanism. We are studded with implants that unlock our doors with a PGP signature, monitor our health, let us feel electricity in our fingertips, alert others around us of the trajectory of a bullet if we're shot, and record all our thoughts and experiences in a small device in our brain, that is inaccessible until you die, and then can only be unlocked by your family members or closest friends who have been informed of the password.

We travel to the stars, whether we break the speed of light or not. When the Sun inevitably dies, when a supernova goes off nearby, we continue to exist. We meet aliens, and get along with them even if we can't convince them to stop eating babies.

And all this technology is fully libre. Nobody owns it, the instructions to build it are publically available, and it's all free, just as long as you have enough materials and a pocket 3d printer.

And governments aren't needed anymore.