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000 wrote

A full on hippy commune set in a large wild area, far from civilization. Access to forests, clean rivers, mountains... all the good stuff nature has to offer!

Everyone is vegan and, as a community, we grow our own food and create zero waste. No need for electricity or anything modern. We share the land with a variety of animals and care of them as equals.

Race, gender, age, sexual identity... all the old 'isms' would be reset to zero. We would all work to free ourselves from such repression and ensure future generations are raised without it.

Procreation would, by choice, be limited as we would, hopefully, all be on the same page regarding overpopulation. We would not deny anyone's desire to pass down our way of life. That's actually the whole point: to create a zero footprint community of intelligent humans who can co-exist with nature.

We would maintain a large library of knowledge and work together to map an accurate history of mankind, learning from the multitude of failures and agreeing, as a group, how best to move forward with our little community.

Everyone would be expected to contribute to the community but not limited to single tasks. Everyone would be encouraged to share knowledge and gravitate towards what makes them happy.

No community is perfect, as humans are deeply flawed, but we would need to find a way to address dissension effectively. I assume major decisions would involve everyone and be decided in a group vote.

This is, of course, pretty much impossible. People fucking suck. Ego's and greed ruin everything. Do we just expel those who don't fit into our group? Everything's a work in progress...


second_to_last wrote

We would maintain a large library of knowledge and work together to map an accurate history of mankind

This is one of the most important things, I believe. Objective and open record and discussion of our past.