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000 wrote

A full on hippy commune set in a large wild area, far from civilization. Access to forests, clean rivers, mountains... all the good stuff nature has to offer!

Everyone is vegan and, as a community, we grow our own food and create zero waste. No need for electricity or anything modern. We share the land with a variety of animals and care of them as equals.

Race, gender, age, sexual identity... all the old 'isms' would be reset to zero. We would all work to free ourselves from such repression and ensure future generations are raised without it.

Procreation would, by choice, be limited as we would, hopefully, all be on the same page regarding overpopulation. We would not deny anyone's desire to pass down our way of life. That's actually the whole point: to create a zero footprint community of intelligent humans who can co-exist with nature.

We would maintain a large library of knowledge and work together to map an accurate history of mankind, learning from the multitude of failures and agreeing, as a group, how best to move forward with our little community.

Everyone would be expected to contribute to the community but not limited to single tasks. Everyone would be encouraged to share knowledge and gravitate towards what makes them happy.

No community is perfect, as humans are deeply flawed, but we would need to find a way to address dissension effectively. I assume major decisions would involve everyone and be decided in a group vote.

This is, of course, pretty much impossible. People fucking suck. Ego's and greed ruin everything. Do we just expel those who don't fit into our group? Everything's a work in progress...


second_to_last wrote

We would maintain a large library of knowledge and work together to map an accurate history of mankind

This is one of the most important things, I believe. Objective and open record and discussion of our past.


elyersio wrote

A society of advanced technology and transhumanism. We are studded with implants that unlock our doors with a PGP signature, monitor our health, let us feel electricity in our fingertips, alert others around us of the trajectory of a bullet if we're shot, and record all our thoughts and experiences in a small device in our brain, that is inaccessible until you die, and then can only be unlocked by your family members or closest friends who have been informed of the password.

We travel to the stars, whether we break the speed of light or not. When the Sun inevitably dies, when a supernova goes off nearby, we continue to exist. We meet aliens, and get along with them even if we can't convince them to stop eating babies.

And all this technology is fully libre. Nobody owns it, the instructions to build it are publically available, and it's all free, just as long as you have enough materials and a pocket 3d printer.

And governments aren't needed anymore.


Pop wrote

I don't have the emotional energy to think about something so wonderful, and correspondingly, since it will never happen, so sad

bolo'bolo was a fun read years ago, though


watermelon wrote

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sudo wrote

You walk out onto the street. People are milling around happily. Buildings are no longer designed with imposing security features. Violence has all but disappeared thanks to sudden material abundance. People are no longer forced to purchase a beverage just to sit down and talk in public spaces. The architecture has been redesigned to be more accommodating for pedestrians. Seating areas seem widely available. People sit and talk among themselves. Even strangers seem capable of breaking into conversation easily.

You feel as if you've wandered into a massive public museum, or some other noncommercial public space, but even that analogy doesn't feel quite right. You realize that you've never been to a place quite like this.

You decide to take the train to your old home, but you're confused as you reach the train station, and find the turnstiles have disappeared. You walk in unobstructed. The screen indicates that your train will arrive shortly. You assume that you've arrived just on time, but then you realize that the track has been expanded massively. Automated maglev trains glide silently in and out of the station every thirty seconds. No advertisements are pasted on the station's walls - these have been replaced with noticeboards informing commuters of gatherings or work opportunities.

Commuters occupy themselves with tablet-style devices, but unlike in the capitalist era, they do not seem to be distracting themselves with facebook or games. Some seem to be reading complex scientific and philosophical treatises. Unburdened by the mind-numbing hours of work, they have the time and energy to expand their minds. Others seem to be watching live-feeds of independently produced entertainment. Total automation has apparently allowed people to spend their time more creatively.

You ask a fellow commuter about recent events. You ask about unemployment. You ask about financial collapse, austerity, the wars in the Middle East, and the possibility of inter-imperial conflict. He smiles wisely, and says, "Those are all things of the past now, comrade." He speaks with a thick German accent. His snowy-white beard makes him look like a professional Santa Claus. His fashion sense seems anachronistic in this future era. It is then that you realize who he is.

It's Marx.

You begin to sob as you feel a burden lift from your body. A weight disappears that you didn't even know was there. Marx places a paternal hand on your shoulder, and as he draws you into a loving embrace, he says, "I told you it was inevitable, comrade."

From an anonymous 4chan user (yes, yes, I know).


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watermelon wrote

I'd pay to watch transhumanists and primitivists spar IRL.


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Pop wrote (edited )

It exists in my favourite tv show, One Piece!

The proto-anarchist post-left illegalist pirate epic. Slash boy's manga
Not unproblematic by a long shot but seriously amazing at times

It's run by a commander of the (marxist-style, it seems) Revolutionary Army, Emporio Ivankov, who has the power to change people's bodies instantly with superhormones, among other things


zer0crash wrote

An Underground Cyberpunk Mafia of Iconoclastic Thought Terrorists


OniLinkPlus wrote (edited )

Money as a concept would be gone. People's job choices would be what they want to work in. Necessary jobs such as maintenance are an issue I'm still thinking about as currently not many people want to do those jobs, though this may be resolved if we as a society begin to encourage these professions as important and noble.

Communities would be in dense population centers with high rise apartment complexes of varying sizes based on family size. Something like 500 sq ft base + 250 additional sq ft per person (numbers subject to actual research because I'm literally tossing numbers out there). The goal is to provide everybody with a comfortable amount of housing space while also not allowing said housing to sprawl and overtake the land which provides our natural resources.

Population will be limited, not with a hard limit but with extensive family planning to ensure we maintain a stable, sustainable population without growth.

Energy will be sourced from entirely renewable resources such as solar, hydroelectric (to the extent that it does not interfere with waterways and the life living within said waterways), wind, and similar, with particular care made to ensure our energy collection does not interfere with other animals and plant life. Ultimately we are aiming for zero-waste and net-zero (or negative) emissions.

Public transportation will be extensive and well maintained so that you can reach effectively anywhere within a reasonable timeframe. Population centers will be well designed such that individual vehicles become obsolete.

Food sources will be primarily local agriculture worked on by the community, with good farming practices to prevent soil degradation and water overuse. Animals will not be consumed, but artificial lab-grown meats will be available.

All "government" will be local direct democracy, with no authority presiding. Community members will nominate among themselves individuals to perform certain roles during community meetings such as timekeeper and vote counting, but care will be taken to rotate these roles such that no individual takes a nominated role twice. This can even be a bylaw of the community meetings.

The concept of "crime" will be limited to that which harms the community or an individual such as theft of personal property (why would one even steal if everything is abundant and available though??) or murder. "Crimes" will not be punished, instead individuals will have their needs addressed to find what will prevent future conflict. Extreme cases will be deliberated on by the community. If crime is being committed, that is a sign that the community is failing in some way that needs to be addressed.

As an addendum to the previous paragraph, Copyright can go fuck itself.


WrongThink wrote

Just a nice, quiet suburb filled with happy families. All the neighbors would know each other and they'd help each other out fixing things and borrow tools or anything they needed. Maybe a nice outdoor BBQ here and there to get everybody on the block together once in a while. Moms and dads would raise their children, keep a clean, safe, and stable home, and work a stable full-time job to save up for the future.